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Embarking on an exhilarating journey of rebranding, Diggs reached an exciting zenith, ushering in a holistic transformation that left no aspect of the brand untouched. From the introduction of a brand-new logo to the infusion of vibrant colors breathing new life into the brand, and a redesigned packaging that narrates a story of freshness and innovation, every element was meticulously considered.

The climax of this transformative endeavor was the comprehensive revamp of their website, marking a significant milestone in our collaborative journey.

Beyond a mere aesthetic facelift, Diggs’ website underwent a complete metamorphosis, not only in appearance but also in functionality, signaling a commitment to delivering an enhanced and seamless experience to their audience.

Harmony in collaboration

Sogody’s prior work with Diggs, unveiled invaluable insights into the pivotal role of maintaining a seamless and consistent user experience. Our team had conducted numerous A/B tests, particularly focusing on refining the Product Detail Page (PDP) design elements.

Now, we dove into a collaborative effort with Diggs’ team, aligning our vision with theirs to achieve common goals.

In just three months, we set out to craft a new and improved user interface and user experience (UI/UX) and bring it to life through development. This meant our development team had to work hand in hand with the design team, for a synchronized dance towards a shared deadline.

Revamping Diggs

Initiating the mission to redefine Diggs’ online presence, our team not only revamped the website but orchestrated a design symphony mirroring the very essence of Diggs’ products.

Navigating Diggs’ previous Product Detail Page felt like entering a digital maze – cluttered, confusing, and a bit overwhelming. It seemed like every feature and its cousin had squeezed onto the page, distracting users from the smooth buying journey we wanted. Critical product info and features played hide-and-seek amid the chaos. It was hard to focus on what matters.

Furthermore, with the introduction of numerous products by Diggs, it became apparent that an efficient search feature and enhanced product categorization were essential.

So, we initiated a cleanup mission. Colors were toned down, elements got a makeover, and key details grabbed the spotlight, ensuring essential content is clear. We streamlined user exploration by ensuring easy access to product categories and their subcategories on the side during scrolling. Prioritizing visibility, we guided users through a simple and intuitive shopping journey.

The new website design, characterized by clean lines, rounded edges, and an emphasis on convenience, quality, and style, seamlessly echoed the aesthetics of Diggs’ exceptional offerings. It served as a virtual embodiment of Diggs itself, where artistry, innovation, and shopping convenience converged in perfect harmony. The result? A visual transformation.

Our crafted visual identity not only showcased Diggs’ commitment to solving real problems, for both pets and humans, but also positioned the brand as a beacon of excellence in the e-commerce landscape.

The new UX/UI, a fusion of form and function, ensured an intuitive and seamless shopper journey, accentuating Diggs’ exquisite collections and products.

By empowering customers to explore the brand’s offerings effortlessly, we aimed to ensure that the online store thrives in the digital realm, placing the user at the core of our design philosophy.

The development process

The planning phase

When the foundation was laid, along with the professional aesthetic, we knew that agility, accessibility, and an enhanced CMS were non-negotiables for the new Diggs site. It wasn't just about a pretty face; it was about creating an online space that reflected the excellence of Diggs' products.

Moreover, considering Diggs' impressive growth, scalability was a crucial factor. We were not just building for the present; we were engineering a platform that could effortlessly grow with Diggs in the future.

The development phase

Given the tight timeline, a strategic move was to restructure the existing project. Though foundational site elements were in place, the redesign introduced significant differences, presenting a unique set of challenges.

Preserving what worked while seamlessly integrating fresh elements, quality assurance became a continuous process, ensuring every component met high standards.

Ensuring utmost flexibility in content management has been a constant priority for Diggs. The prospect of seamlessly incorporating a visual editor, given the intricacies of Diggs' complex PDPs and feature-rich Landing Pages, seemed like an uphill battle. So, we took a different route and built our own custom modules.

These modules are like digital building blocks that can wear different outfits while keeping the same core. It's like giving Diggs a set of easy-to-use tools to create their own digital world hassle-free which empowered Diggs’ own team on creating dynamic and engaging experiences.

This empowerment not only streamlined their process but also showcased our team’s forward-thinking approach to website design and development, reinforcing a future-proof model where flexibility and adaptability are at the forefront.

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