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Groove Pillow is a visionary company that has set out to revolutionize the way we sleep in the 21st century. Founded in 2021, they embarked on a journey to create the ultimate pillow that would provide unparalleled support and comfort for modern living.

Through extensive research and development, they meticulously crafted the Groove® Pillow, a product designed to cater to the unique sleep needs of contemporary individuals in today’s fast-paced world. Their innovative design has already made a significant impact, with over 30,000 people transitioning from traditional feather-based pillows to Groove® Pillow.

Much like how the slow rebound memory foam seamlessly molds to the contours of the individual body, Groove Pillow aimed to create an e-commerce platform that offers a similarly personalized and unique customer experience.

Recognizing that each customer is distinct with specific preferences and needs, Groove Pillow set out to provide a digital shopping environment that tailors itself to the individual, ensuring that every visitor can find the perfect pillow to suit their unique requirements.

To turn their dream into reality, they partnered with Spell & Sell, Sogody’s brand extension, for a sprinkled touch of magic!

Optimization across borders

When we joined forces with Groove Pillow, we found that they had already established their e-commerce platform using a Headless architecture.

The leader in highly performant websites and apps, Netlify is enabling a new era of modern web development. As a Registered Netlify Agency Partner, we greatly optimized the CI/CD pipeline by using best practices and decreased the deployment bottlenecks, which in turn enabled the developer teams to scale more efficiently.

Recognizing the potential for growth and improvement, we decided to harness our experimentation service to refine and optimize our strategy. This approach allowed us to tailor our solutions precisely to their unique setup, ensuring that our efforts were fine-tuned to deliver optimal results.

We successfully executed a multimarket internalization strategy, encompassing both US and UK markets.

As part of our approach to enhancing Groove Pillow’s e-commerce platform, we conducted an extensive series of A/B tests.

For the United Kingdom market, we carried out around 40 A/B tests using Google Optimize, meticulously fine-tuning various aspects of Groove Pillow’s online presence to cater to the specific needs and preferences of its audience. To highlight the impact of these strategies:

  • In the Homepage A/B testing, we undertook a redesign that involved the creation of new modules and the modification of existing ones, resulting in a substantial transformation of the entire homepage’s UX/UI in comparison to the previous version. This variant emerged as the winning design choice with a 9.47% increase in conversion rate.

  • The PDP (Product Detail Page) A/B test resulted in a 5.30% increase in conversion rate. This revamped winning version led to a more informative and engaging UX, with a particular focus on highlighting what sets Groove® Pillow apart from other foam pillows in the market. We ensured that the customers had access to a wealth of product information, making informed decisions effortless. We also strategically incorporated a series of well-placed Call-to-action (CTA) buttons throughout the page. This design choice ensures that the users scroll down to explore more details, they always have convenient access to purchase the specific product they are interested in, simplifying their buying journey and enhancing overall conversion rates. With the new design, visitors now enjoy significantly increased interactivity, not only with the original Groove® Pillow but also with a broader range of their other products.

Additionally, we conducted 5 tests using VWO (Visual Website Optimizer), further refining our approach.

In the United States, we continued our commitment to optimization by conducting 59 A/B tests on Google Optimize.

Personalized shopping journey

In our ongoing commitment to optimizing Groove Pillow’s e-commerce, we extended our services to include a comprehensive range of enhancements:

  • We implemented tracking and analytics to gain deep insights into user behavior and engagement, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • Replaced a custom synchronization script with the Sanity Connect plugin to ensure seamless product synchronization between Shopify and Sanity, eliminating previous issues and bugs.

  • To enhance site speed and overall performance, we conducted a meticulous review, removing redundant scripts and fonts, while addressing errors and warnings to create a smoother, faster browsing experience.

  • Implemented robust SEO strategies, incorporating canonical tags and hreflang tags across every page to bolster online visibility and ranking.

  • Our server-side tracking implementation allowed for extensive data collection, providing a more accurate representation of user interactions.

  • We also integrated third-party solutions like Shopify Scripts, utilizing Ruby to ensure that client-requested discounts were accurately reflected in their products.

  • Facilitated the shift from reviews to Okendo Reviews, optimizing the user-generated content and review management system for Groove Pillow’s benefit.

Thanks to the extensive changes and dedicated effort we put into redesigning Groove Pillow’s user interface and overall user experience, the company has witnessed a remarkable transformation in customer engagement and business growth. The comprehensive optimization has resulted in a vastly improved and more personalized shopping journey for their customers.

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