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Build your own store.

Headless approach

Headless separates your back-end infrastructure from your front-end customer touchpoints, so you can build new selling opportunities anywhere—all managed from a central location.


Unrestricted URL Structures

Compared to other Ecom platforms, the URL structures are not fixed. This is powerful for SEO and migrating organic ranking for future builds.

Lightning Speed Performance

Harnessing some of the latest frameworks like Gatsby.js to generate static pages and leveraging caching can make the stores feel instant and a state-of-the-art build, which increases trust in customers.

Unrestricted User Experience

Compared to the restriction provided while using a theme, designing and coding in Headless is limited only to the imagination of the user experience designers. This also leverages the power of having one codebase for multiple stores for future instances, by which updating the codebase reflects the change in all stores. This makes it future-proof as it is easily extended to include more functionalities.

Content Management

Using powerful CMS technologies like Contentful is very straightforward and can be configured easily for all modules and localization. It also removes the need for page builders like Shogun which improves performance. Additionally, it is a joy for content teams to use something that is built natively for them and it helps them manage digital assets (images, content etc.) in one place.

Multistore Proof

Headless offers the ability to personalize the stores for each country, with its own checkout, appropriate currencies and offers. There are also multilingual possibilities with just a single backend. We would only need a separate store based on currency.


Headless can be treated as a Progressive Web App, which especially helps facilitating faster mobile browsing, having the digital store feel like a native app.

Native Shopify

The Shopify theme enhancement approach proposes that we ‘edit and dev’ to expand the theme to accommodate an increasing number of functionalities.


User-friendly Backend

A user-friendly backend that the client does not need to update and host because it is all provided within the Shopify platform.

Straightforward Frontend

An easily adjusted frontend with the use of the theme customizers or 3rd party apps like Shogun.

OOB Analytics

Analytics about the shop’s performance are provided within the Shopify platform out-of-the-box.

Frontend Apps Marketplace

3rd party apps (i.e. reviews or sliders) that can help in various aspects of the Shop can be founded within the Marketplace of Shopify and do not need additional time for development.

BAU and Familiar Teams

Not having to invest a lot upfront and having the availability of ‘used to’ teams that already are familiar with the centralized management within Shopify or editors.

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Visual Identity & UX

Bringing ideas to life with outstanding user interface and experiences. Create a fully customized, responsive online store that speaks to your customers and showcases your products.

Content & Analytics

To maintain and grow your digital platform, work with our marketing and insights team to copywrite, optimize, manage modern online content and get all data insights available for your analysis.


Grow and scale your site

We provide a number of core services focusing on growing and scaling eCommerce businesses - including:

  • Technology Selection
  • Replatforming Management
  • E-commerce Strategy
  • CX Auditing
  • Technical SEO
  • Email Marketing + Automation

Scale faster than you anticipated

Ongoing support and maintenance

Migrations from different platform

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A/B test your shop experiences and convert more

We help marketing and brand teams to experiment more confidently on their digital platforms. We provide cost-effective experimentation solutions to create exceptional customer experiences on everything from landing pages, search results, promos to recommendations and payment structures. Uplift your KPI’s and convert more of your audience.

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More than a platform.
A partner.

Swift response times

Our team practices very agile SLA’s to make sure that we deliver on-time and on-urgency.

Top experts

Rely on skilled professionals who can deliver quality work and turn your shop ideas into a reality.

Flexibility of payments

We created a stress-free paying experience by giving you several options of payments such as managed services, hourly and daily retainers.