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In a previous success story we revealed how during the pandemic, we helped one of the world's top-selling hygiene brands be more in touch with their customers and offer their products through an emergent virus-awareness campaign. As such, for a very short period of time (72 hours), we delivered a campaign through a microsite which brought a lot of attention and visitors to the brand. As a result of the new design and structure of the campaign, the brand team was triggered to continue working with us. Thus came the idea of revamping their old site to a new digital experience that would push the brand’s story to the audience in a more concise and modern manner.

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A Rich History of Health

Revamping the platform for such a brand was going to be a challenge in terms of responsibility. Our team was set to create a new look and feel for the brand’s website, without losing the spirit of what the brand stands for. From being a pioneer of health, to its products being sent to soldiers during a time of war, to later making new health products discoveries and now celebrating good health among lesser fortunate communities, this brand’s health protection mission always went hand in hand with making a difference in the community. Throughout this history of health, they collaborated with different partners to promote good hygiene behaviours to those who lack it. As a result of all this, they won multiple awards. To better present their brand and encourage more product purchases online, their next step was to add value to their brand through a modernised platform where they could balance editorial and product content. Our team’s mission was to deliver a first-rate platform that would deliver what this brand is and what they stand for in a simple, yet captivating way.

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The modernization of the platform

Since the brand was already using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), as their management system, our team had the market data and profile segmentations needed in order to deliver an exemplary website optimization. Based on our preliminary research, the brand’s older platform lacked clear, logical navigation throughout pages, action buttons, CTAs, a good search engine optimization and showcase of relevant product recommendations. The objective of our team was to deliver a UX that allows for easy, seamless purchase through a simple, yet advanced experience. However, we had limited backend access which impacted our ability to provide an inclusive approach to development. This implies that we were bound to only using existing components that were prebuilt on AEM by the organization’s global team. With this limitation in mind, our digital experiences lead had to come up with creative ways to create the users’ journey and interface, which would modernise the old platform to a totally new digital flagship experience. 

In engineering terms, our team worked within the framework and guidelines of the global team to deliver the new, uplifted experience. This included but was not limited to working primarily with Cog.JS, a highly modular, component-oriented, front-end framework for building experiences backed by Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

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The outcomes of the delivery

After the development and go-live, the main differences that our team introduced to the new version were a lightweight front-end execution, which resulted in nearly 2x faster performance and a more intuitive navigation. This had a direct impact on the KPI’s, where the pageviews immediately after the launch jumped from ~45,700 to ~65,150 in a month's time, and the time spent on the site increased by an average of ~1.5 mins. This success was immediately noticed by other neighbouring markets, where to meet their own market needs, other countries requested for an immediate localization of the new version of the platform. Now, the platform delivered by Sogody is up and running in more than 4 markets, impacting the increase of digital sales and burgeoning the brand’s mission for better hygiene.

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